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I’m moving.

March 11, 2010

To all those that read this blog: thank you.

to all those that do not: it’s ok

Are you sad that I never, ever, update my blogs?  Me too.  But that is about to change!!!!  Can you feel the excitement!

i was tired of having multiple blogs where i was posting on multiple ideas.  and i was sad that i never really posted on things i wanted to, because it didn’t fall into whatever type of blog i ad set up.

so i decided to get myself a swanky REAL WEBSITE!

Visit me here: Forever. Tentatively.

i promise it will be good!  i plan on posting far more often, and said posts will range in content.  it’s just a blog, and it’s mine! so why not enjoy it?!?!?!?

thanks for reading!



This City…

January 26, 2010

This past weekend one of my bestest friends and I took to the streets of Vancouver city.  We figured we would have a go at it before the Olympics struck and we had to steer clear for the next month.

We took our time, and just milled about, enjoying the city and all that it has to offer.  So often I go into the city, tire out from shopping too hard, and want to go home.  But we paced ourselves between the shopping and stopped to see through the eyes of a tourist.  Beautiful, beautiful.  The people, the places, especially the buildings. So many things that when you stop and take the time to really look at, you see with new eyes.

Lately I have been taking a new interest in built structures…I find them so interesting to take stock in…to take in the details, the angles, the colours.  I find buildings to be so pretty of late.  So when I find an especially lovely one, I go a little overboard.  As you can see from the following pics.  BUT…it’s good practice.  Although my ability with my SLR has definitely progressed, I still have a LOT of learning and practicing behind the lens…but for better or worse, here are some pics!

Tasty Fat Boy Thai Treats

January 26, 2010

So my family ventured outside our normal cooked from scratch menu and made a collaborative effort to make some tasty Thai food (one of my favourites).

We made Coconut Jasmine Rice, Pad Thai, Black Thai Pork (a mild curry base) and a Creamy Peanut Chicken, and for dessert, a Banana Cake with Caramel Sauce.  They were pretty dang tasty, the Chicken dish was my personal fave, I would definately make again.

Here are the few pics I took.

Cookie Monster

January 26, 2010

*I realize that this post is very late in going up on the blog. BUT in my defense, I did have surgery, and did a whole lot of nothing for almost 2 months.  Even typing was off limits during that time, so I am just getting around to updating the blog now….so, hopefully, you can still enjoy!

The last little while I have been taking a new interest in cookies.  LET me be more specific, because I have been having a love affair with cookies since i came out of the womb…I’ve taken an interest in icing cookies.  A friend and co-worker of mine is a big advocate of beautifully iced sugar cookies, and brings them in often.  Every time, I am green with envy.  So, she recommended that I take the Wilton class at Michaels where she learned her cookie icing skills.  Off to Michaels I went to find out that they had quit doing the class!  Intense sadness overtook me for abou a day, and then i asked my friend to show me. She agreed.  the following is an account of the day i leaned to make cookies pretty.

It all begins with the making of the cookies (which by the way, i have no pics of it, but they required INTENSE rolling with a pin.  which although I am actually proficient at, I HATE)

Necessary supplies

Then you make the thick merangue icing to edge the cookies with

then you make a dam with the icing

and you make sure to smooth down the edges with a paintbrush

divide out the white icing so you can colour it!

then get picking how you are going to colour you rainbow!

odd the things one can find pretty

time for a break!  Bring on the ‘Bucks!

now we’re all set.  let the games begin!

all of mine, and some of my faves!

My Moment Has Been Captured

November 16, 2009

My lovely friend Tanis is incredibly gifted at catching moments in time.  As long as I have know her (which has been a good long while) she has been a pro behind a camera.  Lately she has been investing a lot of time and effort into taking her gift to the next level and sharing it with others.  She is now offering people the opportunity to work with her as a photographer. And it is something you definitely want to do.

I am of course, biased.  But even so, I think Tanis Katie is amazingly talented!  My sister and I had the opportunity to get photographed by the genius that is Tanis Patenaude, and it was a great experience.  Here is just a tiny sampling, a smidgeon if you will, of the pics she did that day (check out her blog to see more of ours, as well as all the other wicked good pics she has up).

I am so happy with the work Tanis did, and we have gotten lots of compliments.  Guess what all family members are getting for Christmas? BOOYA.

If you are looking for someone to capture that handsome mug of yours in a special moment I sincerely suggest you contact Tanis.

All I can say is that she is working for you.  She makes anything look good.

CHECK OUT HER BLOG. DO IT!  you want to, and you KNOW IT.

I think this is the first time I have ever used my blog to pimp someone out.  It feels fine actually.

Fall Time Funnery.

October 17, 2009

Falling into rust coloured leaves, breathing in crisp air, any heavy knit sweaters (preferably with any type of turtle neck…yeah, you WISH you got that joke) and ANYHING pumpkin makes me happy on my insides.

And then it shows on my outsides.

These things.  These moments.  Show on my outsides.


mmm…sprouting water. so much fun!


sometimes I don’t know where I’m headed…but things are lookin up


A tri-coloured arboreal delight in the middle of a bustling city


an almost success at bringing the old world back into the new world.  the wheels give it away.


A Claire Colvin bowl full o’ cookies masterpiece


Please note the amazing read in the background.  The Sweetnes at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley.  Review found here.


I want to eat the screen.


Sometimes you need to do what you can to jazz up a cubicle…

LOVING fall and all that it brings.  Loving all that it still has yet to bring.  Nothing says Fall like a random collab of leftover pictures.  Loving Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.

Knick Knacks and Brick-a-Brack: the Star Wars Addition

October 17, 2009
I have possibly the world's largest collection of Knick Knacks and Brick-a-Bracks.
Some of them have a great value attached to them.  Some of them do not.
They simply provide good material for me.
So I have began the collection a strong note.
I feel a movement in the force.

Don't hate on me haters.
I. Love. Star. Wars.
(i also love workin on my photo editing skills)